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Have appeals due for this rating list bottle-necked?

If the coming Hunt Budget is concerned with plugging a hole in the government's finances, it is realistic to expect pain, rather than gain for businesses and consumers alike.

More than ever before, Government will rely on business rates, imperfect though they may be, to provide the Exchequer with much-needed revenue.

It is hard to see any prospect of financial relaxation emerging from the imminent Budget, meaning that an immediate appeal against excessive business rates is by far the best option for reducing overheads, during these challenging months ahead.

On 1 April 2015, rental values determined the rates which you are paying today. Even though valuations will be updated next year on 1 April 2023, they will still be based on the rental market in 2021.

Much has changed in seven years: new ways of working, storage, manufacturing, and distribution to name just a few areas affect the rateable value of your industrial units.

And these anomalies risk being perpetuated by the 2023 Rating List.

Although rates are a major financial overhead, they are often unchallenged because of a lack of time to conduct a physical audit, and then engage with the data-based paperwork required of a formal appeal.

Consider carefully whether your property is over-due for a "full property audit", leading to an appeal that could bring you sizeable rebates (still backdated to 2017) and vital favourable revaluation before the 2023 government revaluation potentially compounds its past miscalculations and outdated costly assumptions.

To minimise the impact of the 2023 Rating List, and to claim last-minute rebates dating back to 2017, we offer a free rates audit. If this results in an agreement to proceed with a formal appeal to the Valuation Office Agency, We use RICS-regulated surveyors to produce a statistically-detailed report, fortified with data on comparable local businesses, for prompt submission to the VOA before the current deadline for appeals expires.


When you engage us to challenge your business rates on your behalf, you may be sure that our services are not complete until you have safely banked the savings from a successful challenge to the VOA.

We guarantee a data-driven, surveyor-backed appeal, and your Personal CPA Advisor will ensure that the billing authority is continuously pressed to release the full rebate owing to you.

Our no-win-no-fee service means that we operate solely on our competitive and transparent commission, payable only after a successful financial outcome for you, the client.

From your own experience in chasing up monies owed to you, you know how time-consuming this process can be.

Why not contact CPA for a free consultation with one of our team of Personal Advisors?

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