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Has the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) wrongly categorised your business?

Have you ever thought that your business rates bill is too high, because you have been wrongly placed into a group of similar properties?

Mistakes like this are inevitable, particularly when the VOA is obliged to conduct "desk-top", rather than physical , surveys.

For a clear, and above all, DETAILED , professional survey, free of charge, contact Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), whose team of RICS-accredited surveyors are well-versed in compiling persuasive evidence to challenge and appeal your rates bill.

Nothing beats the strength of a "hands-on" survey by experienced professionals, and CPA are particularly successful in the field of WAREHOUSING and DISTRIBUTION, where the quirks and individual characteristics of premises are so often overlooked by the billing authority.

For a free no obligation consultation, leading to a free professional survey by our RICS-accredited team, contact CPA today.

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