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Government's partial relief on business rates no substitute for a successful challenge.

The Government's attempts to align business rates more accurately to  property values is unlikely to result in lower bills across the board, says Commercial Property Advisors (CPA).

By its own admission, Government finds business rates an entirely effective tax: easy to collect, difficult to avoid, and highly remunerative to the Treasury. 

CPA firmly believes businesses should consult them for a comprehensive appeal to the VOA . To make things easier, CPA undertakes all paperwork, including surveys, on a no win no fee basis.

CPA' had enjoyed an 80% success rate in appeals, saving clients thousands, often much to their surprise.

With business rates estimated to comprise 42% of all taxes paid by retailers, now is the perfect time for firms to appeal against this punishing and regressive tax which, despite its manifest faults, is unlikely to be replaced by a Government itself struggling to balance its books, in a climate of unprecedented economic uncertainty.

CPA responds promptly to all requests for help and advice, and regards customer satisfaction as the best guarantor of future success.

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