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Government grants for business still not claimed, with deadline looming

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) estimates that between 10% and 20% of government relief for businesses struggling with the pandemic remains in council coffers, unclaimed.

CPA warns firms that unclaimed monies will be returned to government at the end of August.

To qualify for a lump sum grant, your business needs to be in the following categories:

(a) Small businesses eligible for relief on various rate (a grant of£10k);


(b) firms in the retail, hospitality or leisure sector(a grant of £20k).

Poor take-up indicates that eligible enterprises are unaware of the help unavailable; additionally, they may need assistance in formally applying for relief.

CPA offers free consultations to relevant firms, and will undertake all necessary paperwork for the grants to be obtained, particularly welcome with time running out for bids to be lodged.

Call CPA today for free, professional advice, and help.

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