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Government delays report on business rates.

The much-anticipated government on business rates has been postponed until (at least) March 23, 2022.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in winning reductions in business rates for a wide range of clients, considers that this delay is tantamount to kicking the rates ball into the long grass, especially at a time when Government is totally committed to recouping, rather than disbursing, billions in various pandemic reliefs.

CPA predicts that any review will delay reductions in rates relief for as long as possible, claiming them to be "unaffordable at the moment".

With an election some years off, the Chancellor is able to put in place a severe tax regime, to be loosened somewhat just before the Government is obliged to go to the country, gambling on winning last-minute popularity.

What does this mean for British companies struggling to pay their business rates?

CPA recommends that they should seek the services of expert, professional consultants, to prepare a case for reduction and revaluation of their rates.

CPA's own services are recognised to be transparent and fair, operating on a no win no fee basis, and employing a qualified surveyor, as well as a Personal Advisor, to construct a persuasive, evidence-based case, for submission to the authorities. Furthermore, CPA is in regular contact with the VOA and local authorities, to ensure that their cases are not buried in bureaucracy, or subject to unnecessary delays.

CPA's no obligation free consultation could well prove the first step on the road to substantial savings, in rebates and revaluation. - a much safer bet than merely waiting for the Government's promised reform of business rates to bear fruit.

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