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Freeze the business rates multiplier, say York traders

With income from business rates having risen by a third since 2010, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) agrees with traders in York and elsewhere, that it is high time to freeze the multiplier, by which business rates are set to rise inexorably, year after year.

CPA considers that this is an easy to administer form of government  relief, which at least recognises the tremendous trading pressure faced by the high street.

Additionally, CPA urges firms to contact them for a rates health-check, which could well lead to a successful challenge of their rates bills, and produce thousands in savings, plus a sizeable rebate.

No worry about the technicalities of an appeal are involved, since CPA takes care of everything, from survey to appeal, on a no win no fee basis.

With a success rate of 80% in winning appeals, CPA offers a rares ray of optimism , in an otherwise gloomy trading scenario.

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