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Following up the Chancellor's funding offer for green energy..

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in reducing business rates. has joined up with specialists who can offer free help and advice on government funding for measures to reduce energy costs.

Please contact us if you are considering innovations such as, for example, smart metering, solar panels, ground source heating, refrigeration or biomass fuels.

Our specialist partners will conduct a free, comprehensive survey of all your sites, and review your gas, electricity and water bills.

If, as a result of our partner's detailed report, containing details of the most appropriate energy suppliers, you decide to go ahead, you may well enjoy very significant savings without extra costs. (Your consultant will receive a royalty from your chosen supplier, relieving you of all survey or brokerage fees).

If energy "hardware" is involved, our partner is able to offer the latest advice on cost reduction following Sunak's Budget.

Remember that the hardware pays for itself, besides adding value to your property.

Why not contact CPA for a free no obligation consultation?

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