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Expect long delays if you are thinking of challenging your business rates

It's an open secret that delays in responding to business rates challenges have partly been caused by staff cutbacks at the Valuation Office. Similarly, Town Halls continue to be hobbled by ever-tightening financial restrictions.

And any proposed changes to the rating system will increase delays dramatically, says Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) ,specialists in winning reduced rates nationally, for a wide range of clients: UK shopkeepers are campaigning for annual revaluations, with imminent 3-year valuation intervals a distinct possibility. Finally, the Valuation Office is requiring even more detailed information from

appellants, meaning increased bureaucratic delays at every stage of the appeals process.

With the ending of furlough schemes, and the tapered re-introduction of rates bills, Government clearly means to rein back its financial generosity, and revert to its traditional role of raising revenue at the expense of bricks and mortar businesses.

And of all government's tax-raising measures, business rates have consistently proven to be easy to collect.

Faced with the prospect of an overworked VOA and understaffed Town Hall, CPA recommends that firms entrust rates challenges to specialist advisors, who can produce evidence-based challenges, with surveyors underlining their detailed and persuasive arguments.

CPA offers free consultation without obligation, to businesses needing to make substantial savings ,

and to concentrate on revenue, not extra tax.

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