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Easing the burden of business rates

City Metric takes up some of the recommendations of the Treasury Select Committee report on reforming business rates.

In particular, City Metric considers Land Tax as a sustainable alternative.

However, the reader is left to consider that  conflict between land and property values is complex and not certain to produce the golden eggs for the Treasury, worth £30bn annually, currently laid by the  business rates goose.

It is the view of Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) that reform of business rates is one of many political priorities put on the back burner by the pressures of Brexit, which is claiming all political energy, and not inconsiderable public money.

CPA recommends all firms seeking relief from high business rates to take advantage of their worry-free, no win no fee rates appeal service. A growing list of satisfied clients has saved thousands, in often unexpected ,  innovative appeals, undertaken by CPA's experienced  team of professionals, including, where necessary, surveyors.

CPA's prompt response to requests for help and assistance means that no time is wasted in winning serious savings for its clients.

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