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Don't wait for Government to re-value your business premises- history tells us business rates can go

The postponement of the next Rating List to April1, 2023, based on the rental market as at April 1, 2021, should not blind us to the real possibility of continuing high bills.

The introduction of the rates "taper" indicates government's determination to squeeze every penny out of businesses which continue to suffer the effects of the pandemic.

Talk of a digital sales tax falls on deaf ears . While it is true that this tax could more than mitigate the tax burden on bricks and mortar firms, its multinational implications, together with the UK's wooing of the US for a trade deal, have cooled any enthusiasm in the Exchequer.

It is certain that British businesses must live with traditional rates, for the forseeable future.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) offers to challenge rates bills, with a thorough, evidence-based report,compiled by RICS-accreditied surveyors, wherever appropriate.

Successful appeals not only involve substantial savings in rebates and revaluation, but they put firms in a healthier place, come 2023.

Don't wait for government to reform business rates: contact CPA today for a free no obligation consultation.

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