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Don't wait for business rates revaluation, to save money.

April 2021 is fast approaching: on this date, the current rates holiday comes to an end; more ominously, revaluation of rates, on which the 2023 rating list is based, arrives.

The Government is currently conducting a review into the entire rating system, but its recommendations are unlikely to have an impact in the near future.

To prepare for next year, Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in winning rates reductions for a diverse range of clients, advises businesses to undergo a detailed appraisal of their rates bills. The inevitable changes wrought by the pandemic may well constitute solid grounds for a successful appeal, leading to substantial cash rebates and a fairer rates base for the future (ready for 2021).

Remember: if you've been paying to much in rates, the local authority won't have let you know.

So now is the best time for you yourself to take action. 

CPA's no win no fee terms, and free consultation mean its services are entirely risk-free.

Contact CPA today, before the VOA consigns you to a financial obligation based on inaccurate data.

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