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Don't pay full business rates for a property undergoing redevelopment.

As the pandemic wreaks havoc through our towns and cities, much excess retail, office and industrial space is currently being acquired for redevelopment, converting shops wholly or partly into residential units, for example. Also, production lines are being re-designed, and warehousing re-configured.

Business rates may still be payable to the local council, however. Please remember that the onus is always on the rate-payer to approach the rating authority, which NEVER makes the first move in reducing its rates demands.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) has a specialist team of RICS-regulated surveyors and experienced Personal Advisors to mitigate the impact of business rates when premises are wholly or partly unoccupied , during conversion.

Because successful appeals to the rating authority depend crucially on evidence-based reports, CPA is pleased to offer a no win no fee service, which has ensured that its wide range of clients have won substantial rates relief, and fairer future revaluation.

If you have a property which is undergoing structural changes, whether industrial , commercial, or retail, please contact CPA for a free consultation on how to claim maximum rates relief.

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