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Do not wait for Government to reduce your overheads.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges businesses not to wait for further relief from Rishi Sunak, to deal with the present crisis.

The current review on business rates is not due to report until spring 2021, and its recommendations will take yet more time to be implemented.

CPA offers a no-delay service which enables firms to make real savings now, with the added benefits of sizeable rebates and favourable revaluation.

 The key to favourable revaluation  may well lie in the various changes forced on firms by Covid, ranging from new methods of administration, production and merchandising to merged office space.

CPA's no win no fee service includes free surveys, and completion of all necessary paperwork, presented to the Rating Authority in a professional and persuasive manner. 

CPA is doubtful that the current review into business rates will provide the radical reform that firms desire. They are simply too lucrative for government.

On the other hand, savings on rates bills are a real prospect. Take advantage of CPA's free no obligation consultation, by contacting them without delay.

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