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Did you know that, by not undertaking a professional survey, you may be missing out on rate relief

With unparalleled pressures on the costs of running a business, now is the time to engage Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), to draw up a persuasive case for reduced rates, and claim rebates dating back six years.

When setting your present rates bill, the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has been obliged, due to the sheer number of commercial properties involved, to paint with the broadest of brushes, often overlooking details of the actual physical layout of your business, and disregarding any changes in layout.

For example, by "splitting" your site , you may be able to claim the small business rates relief which has so far eluded you.

CPA's team of RICS-accredited surveyors will undertake, free of charge a forensically detailed report on your property, whether industrial, warehousing, commercial, retail, or hospitality.

CPA will compile the necessary evidence for a successful appeal, again free of charge.

CPA's successful experience in compiling site-based evidence for your billing authority relieves you, the client, of any worries.

CPA's competitive and transparent commission will only become payable once savings are safely banked.

For a fresh look at your property, leading to substantial savings , contact CPA today for a free professional consultation.

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