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Cutting business rates-not a second to lose.

It is unsurprising that UK business rates survived threats of a cull in the recent Budget: they are simply too profitable for the Exchequer to abandon.

Businesses must find a way of living with non-domestic rates, which have risen 40% since 2010, to become the highest property tax in the world.

As well as the enormous backlog of rates appeals outstanding, it is becoming harder for the average business to negotiate the increasingly complex criteria involved in Check, Challenge and Appeal.

And who dares guess at the valuable time it will take, to supply the extra details required by the VOA?

The good news is that professional specialists can act on behalf of firms, often operating on a no win no fee basis. If you contact one of these, ask about its success rate, commission, surveyor support, and whether you will be assigned a Personal Advisor to process your appeal.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPAA), acting for a wide variety of firms nationwide, from manufacturing to retail, can respond positively to all these questions, and would be delighted to offer more detailed help and information via a free consultation without obligation.

Get into financial shape by seeking a "health check" with CPA today.

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