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CPA urges firms to continue their attempts to reduce their business rates

The Government is whittling out substantial numbers of the 400,00 outstanding appeals against their business rates bills, by toughening up acceptable criteria.

The body blow for many appeals is the ruling-out of claims based on reduced property values stemming principally from the pandemic.

The miserliness of the funds assigned for relief (just 7.5% of annual liabilities of potential claimants), together with the morass of paperwork confronting businesses, mean continued hardship for UK business.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) specialise in appealing business rates for a vast variety of clients, from industrial to retail and hospitality: no business is off-limits. By assigning a Personal Advisor to each appeal, CPA ensures that its clients do not ignore all-important individual attention. Furthermore, free surveys are professionally conducted wherever necessary, and transparent, competitive commission is based solely on successful outcomes for the client..

CPA fully understands why Government is trying to eliminate the mountain of frivolous and opportunistic claims for rates relief. However, the tight funding and time limits mean that, to stand any chance of success, would-be appellants should contact CPA without delay for advice and assistance.

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