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Commercial rateable values unrealistically high, says Commercial Property Advisors (CPA)

Empty stores in our high street, and unlet industrial properties are testament to the heavy burden of business rates, based on rateable values, which in turn are subject to 'painfully high multipliers.

Behind the rhetoric of government lies the reality of its vital need to recoup the massive subsidies awarded to business, throughout the epidemic.

And the commonly-held belief, that this tax,easy to collect and difficult to avoid, (a £32 billion golden egg) will continue to be laid, is probably correct. Public objections are unlikely, since few understand how business rates are calculated.

Commercial Property Services (CPA) recommends that firms arrange for a free no obligation consultation as soon as possible, and not to await further generosity from a government intent now on balancing the nation's books.

Even after a 66% discount, business rates still constitute a significant expense, and CPA's professional challenges often result in a sizeable backdated rebate, as well as a more favourable revaluation.

CPA urges firms to act now ,before the appeals flood our town halls and Valuation Offices.

A Personal Advisor, assigned exclusively to your case, will keep you apprised of all developments in your appeal, no commission (competitive and transparent) being chargeable until the client has banked full savings

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