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Calling all suppliers to the hospitality and leisure trade: we can help reduce your business rates.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in winning business rates reductions, welcomes the government;s decision to extend business rates relief to hospitality-related wholesalers, suppliers and brewers, which have been excluded from financial support during the pandemic.

However, given that the government has ruled out market-wide changes in property values as eligible criteria for rates reductions, and given also that the new fund is time-limited and based on a first come, first served model, CPA strongly advises businesses to contact them for specialist help and advice.

CPA offers a no obligation, free consultation, and charges a highly competitive rate of commission, agreed in advance and payable only if the appeal is won, and cash safely banked by the client.

With the clock for relief ticking, check your business rates bill online and receive expert advice, based soundly on success in winning appeals for a diverse range of businesses.

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