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Business rates set to return at end of this month.

The end of June, 2021, will see business rates tapering in, and the "holiday" come to an end. The "one-third" bill can amount to several thousands of pounds, and is most unwelcome as businesses struggle to return to prosperity.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in achieving rates reductions, expects the VOA and local authorities to be blitzed by a flurry of appeals, clogging up the system, and leading to inevitable delays in favourable pay-outs.

CPA recommends firms to get their appeals in as early as possible, and to enlist the assistance of experienced practitioners who can take care of all the paperwork and surveys.

CPA's services are transparent and fair, competitive fees only payable in the event of successful outcomes.

CPA's team of Personal Advisors keep in close contact with the billing authorities, to ensure that appeals are not subject to delays. Also, they remain in touch with their clients, at every stage of the appeals process.

CPA welcomes the chance to discuss their services in greater detail, via a free no obligation consultation.

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