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Business rates revaluation in 2021

Savills, an authority on everything to do with commercial property, predicts some modest relief for retail, in the Spring Statement of 2021: the contribution of this sector to the total business rates bill could fall by 5 %, thus allowing some wriggle-room for a rates freeze, or even reduction. 

But Savills also acknowledges that the £30 billion raised by non-domestic rates is too valuable for local authorities and central government to reform radically.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) believes it is critically important for firms to put their rates bill on a sound footing, before revaluation (which to date has always produced inflation-linked rises).

CPA argues that many enterprises are unaware that they may qualify for rates mitigation, and back-dated compensation- necessarily so, since grounds for appeal may well be arcane and impenetrable to the non-professional.

CPA's no win no fee service is worry-free for its clients and is based on the compilation of expert analysis, survey-based where necessary: hence its 80% success rate on winning appeals, and saving thousands in backdated awards. The blunt and crude instrument of business rates needs to be challenged with precision and hard evidence professionally presented.

CPA welcomes all calls for help and advice.

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