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Business rates need to reflect changes in our shopping habits.

During the pandemic, surveys have revealed  a sharp increase in shoppers using local stores, particularly for fresh produce.

Conversely, local takeaways and restaurants have seen sales slump.

Amidst all these major suburban changes, one thing is certain: business rates must be challenged, wherever they place a heavy burden on a firm's ability to emerge financially fit from lockdown.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is experienced in winning rates reductions for a wide variety of businesses ,and ensures that rates reflect more accurately changed trading circumstances.

Its no win no fee service continues to win thousands of pounds in rebates backdated to 2017, and its competitive commission rates are repayable in instalments to eliminate financial concerns still further.

CPA offers a free consultation to businesses facing the the new post-lockdown environment. Reduced rates are key to financial match-fitness.

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