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Business rates- can anything to be done to solve the problem?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Will business rates follow business rents, in confronting retailers with demands too overwhelming for their cash flow?

Right now, £2.5bn. is due in rents. Since the government has delayed evictions until the autumn, it is unlikely that rents will be paid: estimates of arrears vary wildly, as do predictions of store closures .

What is certain is that retailers will use the summer reprieve to re-negotiate rent deals with landlords: some analysts predict that rents could fall by up to 40%.

And what can we expect for business rates?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) has long believed that the £25 bn. annual golden egg that business rates represent is too attractive for the Exchequer to reduce beyond the current 12-month holiday.

CPA is thus of the firm belief that firms must look to themselves to benefit from lower rates demands. Never has it been more worthwhile to have rates bills re-assessed by experienced specialists with a good track record of success.

CPA's terms are no win no fee, and its competitive commision may be paid in easy instalments.

With rebates dating back to 2017 and the prospect of a sounder rates footing for the future revaluation in 2022, businesses of all types, not just the high street but industrial and commercial units wherever they may be, are urged to contact CPA today for a free , no obligation consultation.

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