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Business rates are here to stay. Here's how to soften the blow.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) considers that the continuing government reluctance to impose an on-line sales tax, indicates clearly that business rates -easy to collect and difficult to avoid- are here to stay.

CPA has long campaigned for an even -or at least less bumpy- playing field which a digital sales tax would provide. And on-line giants are much more able to withstand reasonable taxation than suffering bricks and mortar operations. Rather than waiting for further government largesse, firms would do well to seek professional help to challenge their existing rates bills.

The prospect of substantial rebates and more sensible valuations may be realised, if firms:

  • Engage a specialist rates consultant, with a proven track record of success

  • Ensure that a RICS-accredited surveyor is part of the consultants' team

  • Enjoy the services of a Personal Advisor, who will give undivided attention to your case

  • Agree to a transparent no win no fee contract, with no hidden extras.

CPA welcomes interested firms to consult them for further information on a free, no obligation basis.

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