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Business Rates a High Priority for Boris.....

Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce are correct to identify reduction of business rates as an urgent priority for the new Government. They rightly warn of the straw that breaks the camel's back, in over-zealous application of a tax that currently brings in £25 bn. for the Treasury.

CPA  believes that the sheer volume of work involved in securing a Brexit deal guarantees that rates relief by government is unlikely to occur in the near future.

Meanwhile, firms struggling with high business rates would do well to have their bills challenged. CPA's team of experienced professionals, including surveyors, offers a risk-free service on a no win no fee basis, and can boast an impressive and diverse list of satisfied clients, many of whom have saved thousands in reduced rates, year on year.

CPA's future depends on winning savings for the retail, service, hotel and hospitality sectors, rather than waiting for government to take action in these uncertain times.

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