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Bristol shops must change their ways, says Government report

It is one thing for the Post to say that Bristol retailers must change to survive the decline in the high street;to provide practical advice, beyond emphasising "personal interactions", is quite another.

Solutions recommended by the government's Housing, Communities, and Local Government Report will be painfully slow to arrive, at best, and local retailers cannot wait that long. Furthermore, the proposal for an online sales tax, to "level the playing field",is unlikely to arrive soon, and would not of itself help our shops to recover footfall.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is above all anxious to challenge business rates of independent retailers who are struggling TODAY, and who would welcome a friendly,fast, no win no fee service, including surveys, in a bid for a more realistic rates assessment. Meanwhile, our vastly experienced shopowners can get on with their core business, without worrying about yet more complex paperwork.

CPA has been able to save large sums for local retailers, in an unprecedentedly tough trading climate.

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