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Brexit delays mean the high street needs an urgent shot in the arm

With business rates now over 50% of the rateable value of properties, and with 3 million jobs dependent on retail, Brexit is turning the high street into a financial melt-down.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , which advises high street on how to survive  tough trading times, believes that serious relief of business rates is urgently needed , to reduce the ever-increasing tax burden confronted by retailers and hospitality outlets. This vote of confidence would help re-introduce a vibrancy and zest to the high street, our greatest civic asset.

Meanwhile, in the absence of positive signals from Westminster or County Hall, CPA recommends firms to contact them for a free, no obligation consultation of their eligibility for a rates appeal, which could potentially save them thousands.

CPA enjoys great success (at least 80%) in winning appeals for its clients, and , with its no win no fee service, takes over all the complex paperwork, including surveys.

Any physical changes to properties, and adjacent business activities, are particularly suitable for successful appeals.

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