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BBC reports a seven-fold increase in business rates

The BBC report, that a Sheffield businessman who has converted a public toilet into a thriving cocktail bar, faces a 700% increase in business rates, is another stark example of the unfairness of this much-criticised tax. 

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), specialists in business rates reduction, believes that savings in rates, and their re-calculation on a sounder base for the future, are possible for a wide variety of reasons, which it often takes a specialist eye to spot.

CPA's no won no fee service delves into the details of surveys and property mergers, to compile detailed submissions to the VOA. Its robust challenges are a necessary response to a rating system whose blunt and broad-brush approach inevitably produces anomalies and injustice.

CPA welcomes all request for help and advice and is more than happy to arrange visits to commercial properties large or small.

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