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As we emerge form the pandemic what business has NOT suffered from a change of circumstances?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) urges businesses not to feel downhearted, just because Covid has been excluded from the allowable factors for rates appeals.

CPA's success in challenging non-domestic rates for a wide range of clients, covering retail, distribution, hospitality and manufacturing, indicates that, to the experienced professional eye, there are many areas where rates can be successfully challenged, and where rebates and lower revaluations can be won.

Circumstances may be materially changed, for example, as a result of imports/exports clogging up; post-Brexit;retailing in city centres may be hit by the closure of magnet department stores; hotel bookings may be down as a result of travel restrictions.

CPA's success lies in its ability to take a fresh look at a firm's state of health. Its surveyors can help to present an evidence-based case to the authorities. Its team of Personal Advisors , assigned to appeals from initial consultation to all stages of the appeal, means that clients are not passed from pillar to post, but are kept fully aware of developments at all times.

Natural justice demands that firms' appeals be heard and their cause be well-argued and based on clear, empirical, data.

CPA's no win no fee service, including free initial consultation ensures that positive outcomes are of paramount importance to client and consultant alike.

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