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As warehouses continue to expand, here's how to control your business rates.

Peter Foley is our resident guru here at CPA, and has been passionately following the shifting world of business rates for many years. With a keen political insight, Peter’s writing reveals how policy change is key to understanding your business rates further, and how this could translate into substantial savings. In his weekly column, Peter also outlines a desired path forward, with changes we’d like to see implemented for a fairer system on the nation's business rates.

In an era marked by rapid transformation and growth, the Government is displaying a keen interest in capitalizing on emerging sectors for taxation, with UK warehouses squarely in the crosshairs. As the changes unfold, warehouse operators might find themselves at a loss on how to contest rates bills escalating at a pace faster than inflation. It's possible that they perceive these increasing rates as an inevitable side effect of expanding floor spaces.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), a firm specializing in business rates with a commendable history of procuring substantial savings for the warehouse sector, eagerly steps up to this challenge. Their goal is to alleviate costs by thousands and secure a more realistic, future-proof rateable value for your operations.

Equipped with the most precise and comprehensive comparative datasets, and supported by RICS-regulated professionals, CPA offers to conduct a free survey that can form the basis for a formal challenge to the rating authority, if agreed upon. With no bills to pay, clients can rest easy. CPA's commission, based on successful outcomes, is transparently fair and contains no hidden extras.

As warehouse operators, controlling costs becomes crucial. Therefore, it is recommended to reach out to CPA for advice and assistance, without any obligation. Regardless of the number of sites you operate or their locations, CPA is eager to aid in the journey towards efficient cost management.

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