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As energy bills prepare to go sky-high, have you considered "Smart Energy Solutions"?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , leading specialists in reducing business rates, has partnered with one of the biggest Smart Energy Solutions in the UK, to provide you with the opportunity to identify :

The cheapest energy supplier for your business;


Engineering solutions to the increasing problem of high energy bills. These may include combined heat and power, fuel cells, ground source heating smart metering, solar PV, waste conversion, or wind turbines.

Your bespoke Smart Energy Solution will be paid for through the savings generated by the solution itself - often without any additional cost to your business.

You will not pay for consultancy or survey fees. Indeed, you will not receive any invoice at any time, the consultancy receiving a royalty from the company/ies chosen by you.

For a no obligation consultation on how to survive the imminent round of energy price hikes, contact our Affiliates Manager, Jess Clarke

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