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As a contribution to a greener economy, it makes sense to return retail business to the high street

Climate change is the hot topic of the moment. The COP26 Conference will involve the entire world's economies in serious commitments to limiting dangerous emissions, if our planet is to remain habitable.

With 23% of all harmful emissions coming from transport, it makes sense for government to help return retailing to the high street and the suburbs, Long journeys of products to central warehouses, followed by often single-item deliveries to our homes, makes sense only to the online giants.

A serious response to pollution requires minimal transport, in vehicles which right now are not technically ready to eschew diesel in favour of electrical power.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) has long campaigned for the regeneration of traditional retail, and regards footfall in our shopping centres as far friendlier environmentally than HGVs thundering down our motorways, and vans negotiating our suburban streets.

CPA supports all initiatives to reward bricks and mortar retailers , and limit online retailing.

One -stop shopping trumps one-item internet ordering, every time.

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