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Are you seeking business rates relief? How confident are you in handling the Check/Challenge/Appeal?

The check/challenge/appeal process was designed to reduce frivolous, time-consuming appeals to the VOA.

It certainly succeeded! -To the point that the twenty pages of government-speak are often intimidating to the layperson- not least in their references to the need to engage a qualified surveyor.

Yet there never was a time, in the whole history of business rates, when firms were more desperately in need of rates relief. (official government reforms are delayed yet again,, to Autumn 2021 at the earliest).

The success of Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) is wholly due to its winning substantial savings in rates for a diverse range of clients, large and small, chain and independent.

In addition to its no win no fee service, CPA assigns a Personal Advisor to clients, who provides feedback at every stage of the appeals process. Its continuing success in the teeth of the pandemic, is testament to the commitment of CPA's team.

CPA knows the ways of the VOA and local government. It knows how to press for replies in a reasonable time-scale , and customises its professional approach with the services of surveyors whenever necessary.

For a worry-free no no obligation consultation, contact CPA , and enjoy the prospect of substantial, year on year savings.

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