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Are you ready for the "Great Re-opening"?

On July 19, England sees the re-opening, under a largely rules-free environment, of nearly 100,000 indoor hospitality premises, hotels, cinemas, theatres and activity centres.

The attached BBC report is a useful guide to both venue owners and would-be patrons.

How well-equipped is your business, to face the challenge?

In an attempt to partly compensate business owners for the lean pandemic period, Commercial Property Services (CPA) offers to look with fresh eyes at their business rates.

Recent experience indicates that , while Covid itself has not directly led to reduced rates, nevertheless other commercial factors, for example changes in floorspace or products on offer, can indeed lead to successful challenges to rates bills.

Additionally, one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic has been the long-delayed chance to have rates bills examined in forensic detail., by specialist teams of Advisors and Surveyors.

CPA's enthusiastic staff are well-versed in cutting through bureaucratic delays by the Valuation Office or Town Hall, and offer a free service, competitive commission rates only paid after monies are safely banked by the client. With business slowly returning to normal, firms will require all their attention to be devoted to securing market share.

CPA will undertake every aspect of rates challenges, including the often complex paperwork, and use of Rics- accredited surveyors.

Such a free, proven and risk-free service allows businesses to concentrate fully on their strengths, while CPA's team beavers away at challenging their rates, and winning substantial sums in rebates and revaluation.

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