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Are we witnessing a retail apocalypse?

The Observer describes the closure of high street businesses as a "reincarnation" rather than "death", an opportunity, not a problem. The report blithely predicts the prospect of of "pop up" shops and arty ventures, a concentration on the finer things in life, since shopping was pretty boring anyway.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) begs to differ. Traditional retailing , with large stores generating valuable footfall for a host of independent enterprises, from artisan bakers to bookshops, is a way of life which has stood the test of time, and provided a magnet for visitors. The advent of pop-up businesses, which by definition can disappear as quickly as they spring up, should not require the demise of traditional shops.

CPA urges  businesses seeking to reduce  the burden of business rates to contact them for a worry-free consultation. Enjoying considerable success in appealing high rates demands, CPA operates on a no win no fee basis, and shares exactly the same aspiration as their clients: a vibrant and healthy high street.

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