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Are retailers not on the high street paying too much in business rates?

In 2018, the Retail Gazette correctly identified excessive business rates as a major impediment for firms struggling to survive on the high street.

Since then, we have seen a slew of firms, both large and small, closing or centralising to fewer, larger premises. And a 12% vacancy rate in high street properties provides a sad spectacle of decline.

But what of those businesses which have moved from the high street to premises such as trading estate units? Have they considered the appropriateness of their business rates?

Could they be making savings of several thousands of pounds, with a professionally-evidenced appeal to the rating authority?

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) has enjoyed success in appealing the rates bills for firms not on the high street. 

CPA's no win no fee service, together with free surveys, relieves clients of all worries in the complex appeals process and keeps them aware of all developments in the process.

CPA welcomes all enquiries and prides itself on contributing to reducing overheads at a critical time for business. 

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