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Are business rates frustrating your plans to invest for the future?

Business rates are the second-highest financial hurdle confronting businesses. They reduce the money available for investment, stifling growth and the creation of new jobs. Firms that are standing still in a changing market risk terminal decline.

Yet, how many businesses can spend thousands of pounds and precious time on the complex task of challenging bills?

2023 has seen an overall rise of over 7% in business rates, with many companies facing much larger increases. Government promises to relieve the rates burden are far from being universally the case.

To make a detailed and persuasive rates appeal, backed with sophisticated local comparators, without spending extra time or money, consult Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) for advice and help.

CPA's team of RICS-regulated and highly experienced surveyors will examine your property for eligibility for a successful and profitable appeal, and its competitive and transparent commission is on a strictly no win, no fee basis.

With no hidden extras, you can contact CPA with full confidence in its successful track record for an extensive range of clients, nationwide.

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