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Alert: We're busting the top 3 most common pieces of bad advice about business rates.

"You don't need to worry about business rates on empty properties." False! Business rates can indeed apply to empty commercial properties after an initial grace period. It's crucial to account for this in your business plan to avoid unexpected expenses.

2️ "Business rates are set in stone." Wrong again! Business rates can vary and are re-evaluated periodically, typically every five years. Also, you might be eligible for reliefs and exemptions. Don't miss out on potential savings!

3️ You can ignore the 'check, challenge, appeal' system." A dangerous misconception! It is your right to verify and contest your business rates valuation. The 'check, challenge, appeal' system is designed to provide a structured process for businesses to ensure they're being rated fairly. Ignoring this could result in you paying more than necessary.

So make sure you're active in understanding and taking control of your business rates! Don't just accept them as an unchangeable burden. They're a part of your business finances that, with attention and action, can be managed effectively.

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