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2023 rating list only a partial solution to the problem of business rates

The intention of postponing the next rating list to 2023 is that it should reflect changes in property values, post-pandemic.

Commercial Property Advisors (CPA) , specialist consultants in appealing business rates, views the delay positively, as an aid to removing anomalies in property values. However, CPA has concerns that some firms cannot wait for 2023, but are struggling right now to cope with returning rates bills, and yet more demands by the VOA for information, without any obvious benefit.

CPA reminds businesses that they can still win substantial savings in their rates, provided they base their challenge on persuasive, detailed data. When acting on behalf of clients, from a wide range of operations, including manufacturing, logistics, retail, and hospitality, CPA employs data at least as sophisticated as that used by the VOA. Additionally, CPA employs RICS-qualified surveyors, to supply specialist evidence. A Personal Advisor undertakes the appeal at every stage of the often complex process. Modest commission is only charged, once savings have been banked by the client.

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