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We know business rates.

The CPA team are committed business rates specialists. We're focused on 

keeping our clients' best interests at the heart of everything that we do. 

Our process.

Preliminary assessment

From your first inquiry, we'll conduct a desktop analysis of your business rates.

We'll flag up any initial indicators of overpayment, and any relief schemes you're eligible for.

We can to go through this with you before you've made a decision to pursue a reduction.

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Setting up your account

If you're happy to proceed, your account manager will help set you up on Government Gateway. After we've helped you to appoint us an agent, we'll take it from there! 

Your account manager will never change, so feel free to contact them with any questions.   

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Processing your appeals

We'll begin launching appeals on your business rates, which will include a site-inspection from one of our RICS-regulated surveyors. On average, our comprehensive review finds three separate business rates appeals that we're able to manage simultaneously.    

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Securing your saving

Our fee structure is performance based. If we can't find you a saving, you don't pay a penny! Our only charge is for a pre-agreed percentage of the savings, which we'll only invoice for once the savings have hit your bank account.   

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What are you waiting for?

No matter how challenging your rates history is, we're happy to review your case.


Just leave us with a few details and when you'd like to be contacted, and we'll arrange it.


Have a contact preference? No problem! We're happy to help, however works best for you.

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