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Legal Bits

At Commercial Property Advisors (CPA), we are as dedicated to the protection and privacy of your data as we are to providing unparalleled business rates advisory services. Aligning with our core values of transparency, reliability, and consistency, we are proud to announce the unification of our GDPR, Privacy, and Cookie policies into a single, comprehensive framework.


This streamlined approach not only reaffirms our commitment to safeguarding your personal information but also enhances the clarity and accessibility of how we manage, use, and protect your data across all interactions with CPA. Reflecting our unwavering dedication to our clients, this consolidated policy framework ensures you have full visibility and control over your personal data, reinforcing the trust and confidence you place in us.


We encourage you to review our integrated policy on our website to better understand the improvements and how they impact your rights and privacy. Our dedicated account managers remain at your disposal to clarify any questions or concerns, ensuring that our partnership continues to thrive on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.


Your confidence in CPA is paramount, and we are committed to upholding this through our continuous dedication to privacy and data protection. Let us move forward together, secure in the knowledge that your data is protected to the highest standards in the commercial property sector.

Data of last revision: Dec 2023

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