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Case Studies

We don't want you to just take our word for it, so here's a few real-world examples of our work in action, and the savings we've generated for our clients.

Industrial Area

Property type: Industrial unit


Size: 10,629 square ft


Location: Gloucestershire


The Case: The client owns a warehouse, with varied sections and uses. They did not qualify for any of the reliefs during the pandemic even though like most businesses they were struggling due to COVID 19. They were not sure how to challenge their rateable value, despite feeling the effects of a large annual bill to pay.


The Result: After the rateable value assessment against other comparable properties within the area, a reduction was agreed with the Valuation Office to bring the rates down to a more appropriate

level based on the cost per square metre.


Achieved Saving: £37,439

Property type: Office


Size: 6174 square ft


Location: Bristol


The Case: The client occupied a large office in central Bristol, and leased out unused parts to third parties. The valuation of the property had not been assessed during the 2010 and 2017 rating lists. The desktop analysis revealed higher value per square meter in comparison to other offices in the area. Additionally, the involvement of third-party occupiers brought some complications and risks to billing. It was evident this problem should be approached with caution.


The Result: A number of separate savings were achieved on this case. The individual rateable values of each floor were merged into one whole valuation. Then some of the liability was put into the other companies names. Using a broad range of reviews we achieved a huge combined saving.


Achieved Saving: £149,000

Image by Dane Deaner
Image by Petr Magera


Property type: Cosmetic clinic


Size: 260 square ft


Location: London


The Case: Located on Harley street, Central London, the client had been rejected by the local council when they applied for the retail relief. Although the discount was expanded due to COVID-19 implications.


The Result: Our audit team heavily scrutinized the government guidelines and appealed to the local council to overturn their decision.


Achieved Saving: £139,756



Property type: Marina


Size: N/A


Location: Swansea


The Case: One of the main marinas located in South Wales. On the assumption that the business rates had always been correct, they had not been analysed in any significant depth. Marinas are rated in a unique way, based on receipts, expenditure, and income. Such a valuation required very specific expertise which we were able to offer.


The Result: By consulting a rating specialist in marinas, the correct method was applied to review the business rates. A reduction was achieved, allowing the club to enjoy a much lower rate to pay for the rest of the 6 year rating cycle.

Achieved Saving: £91,000

Image by Joe Ciciarelli
At the Studio


Property type: Rehearsal rooms and Recording studios


Size: N/A


Location: National


The Case: With over 39 properties across the UK and a unique business model, the client required an innovative approach to its rates mitigation. The entire portfolio is reviewed (each property on its own merits) and all potential angles are considered on a continuous basis.


The Result: The client was assigned a dedicated account manager and a thorough review of each site is provided by the audit and surveying teams. The total savings to date consist of various sources and components. A regular review is provided to ensure no stones are left unturned or unchecked. This comprehensive approach to rates mitigation has achieved a handsome total saving to date, and more savings will be achieved with our ongoing review.


Achieved Saving: £1million +


Property type: High Street Shop


Size: 403 square ft


Location: London


The Case: The client started a high street business but felt their rateable value was too high when compared to market rent in the area. Attempts had also been made to secure retail relief over the pandemic, but these were unsuccessful. After a short call with one of our team, we got to work.  


The Result: We were able to overturn the decision to deny retail relief by building a professionally presented appeal. This instantly resulted in substantial savings for a relatively small business. Next, our surveyors scrutinised the breakdown of our clients rateable vale of £20,000. Our findings resulted in a significant reduction to under the threshold for Small Business Rates Relief. Not happy to leave it there, our surveyors successfully pushed for a further reduction to under £12,000 leaving the premises completely free from paying Business Rates.


Achieved Saving: £11,447

Image by Artem Gavrysh
Image by Nastuh Abootalebi


Property type: Office


Size: 10,733 square ft


Location: Kent


The Case: The client rents an office, they decided to renovate and upgrade the property due to the poor quality upon moving in. They were paying business rates at around £10,000 per month throughout the construction period. They did not feel this was fair but were unable to challenge this effectively with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA).


The Result: We agreed with the VOA to temporarily delete the Rating Assessment for the client. They are exempt from rates for the entire duration of the refurbishment, predicted to last 8 months.


Achieved Saving: £81,994

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