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Business Health Check

Business rates reviews are not the only service that we provide. Our Business Health Check is a quick and smart way of ensuring that your business is running efficiently, achieving its goals and ultimately, saving money where possible. All of the services are provided on the same fee basis as our own, entirely performance-based, and our service is no obligation and risk assessed.


On just a brief phone conversation, our affiliates manager Jess Clarke will be able to perform a thorough review of your business performance and costs. Below is a list of the areas that are covered in our review:

Business Insurance

Most business insurance policies are either overpriced, don’t fit the type of business they are covering, or both. Professional advice is always a good way to go to ensure you get the right cover for your business, at the right price. 

CRM system and voip

Does your business have the very best client management and communications setup? Why not find out!

Research and Development Tax claims

When businesses grow, inevitably, so do the costs to develop and evolve them. The tax on a lot of these costs can sometimes be claimed back. Always worth a look. 

Rent reviews

One of the biggest costs any business can face, and without professional assistance when negotiating with a landlord, big savings could easily be missed. 


Utility bills tend to be a significant outgoing for many companies. A cost review should always be undertaken at least once a year. 

Smart energy solutions 

Whether it is cheaper costs, both long term and short term, your green credentials, or how your property is fitted out, reviewing your energy costs and methods has never been more important. 

Carbon footprint

To future proof, to reduce costs, to help with your brand and company image, and to help the environment.

Waste management

A review to see what alternative methods of waste management there are. Better for the environment and your bottom line. 

Additional business rates mitigation

There are a large number of ways that business rates can be reviewed in order to save money.